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  • Alien Safari’s Flying Circus 2010 – Party Review

    Ok first of all I would just like to say that this was hands down the best party of my life, even this could be classified as an understatement. But this fell nothing short from my expectations, as weeks before the party I had a feeling that this was going to be one of the best of the best. The awesomely crafted lineup with 6 international acts, the venue, the circus performers,  and the hype of the event were all clear indications that this one was going to be a winnerAlien Safari really outdid themselves this year with their 15th birthday celebration – The Flying Circus 2010

    Photo by Alice Alice Phoebe Lou – Long Exposure…

    After a long and windy drive, hopes of the organizers promise that the venue ‘Awesomeville’ was completely wind protected had settled in deep. But they had fallen no where close to an empty promise, as we discovered upon arrival that the venue was in fact completely wind sheltered, while the rest of the world blew winds that could lift a cow. The venue gave me a bit of a surprise at first as we made our way up the tarred road looking for a suitable parking/camping spot… White buildings were scattered around the venue, some of which were actually occupied by happy campers huddled around barrel fires. We finally found a parking space, which happened to be very close to the dancefloor, a toilet facility, water supply as well as a whole bunch of mates… It was time to join the circus

    After a couple “heys”, “awehs” and “ahoys”, we made our way to the dance floor with our drinks in hand. What we saw next seemed like it came straight out of the Tim Burton film ‘Big Fish’ – Circus freaks running around like mad, people in Zebra suits, colourful top hats, goggles, face paint, and quite literally… a big fish! The dance floor was lit up to impress, with blue and green feathers on stage that slowly but surely disappeared over the course of the night. A giant “FLYING CIRCUS” banner stood high above the DJ booth, constantly reminding us where we all were. Colourful arch ways gave entrance to and from the dance floor from the 2 market areas situated behind and above the dance floor to the right.

    Photo by Alice Alice Phoebe Lou – Psyqlopz vs Jester

    By this point the dance floor had already started to heat up, more and more people started to arrive and the dance floor started to become more and more bump n grind. Berns was on the decks, giving off some full-on psy before introducing some more dark n’ twisted beats by Psyqlopz and Jester. Next up was the anticipated first International act Daksinamurti from Germany . This dreaded dude knew how to please the crowd, even throwing in an all time favourite of mine; Sad Movies by Orca. He was followed by Mantis, which is Shifts darker live act – The music was now at full capacity!

    Photo by Alice Alice Phoebe Lou – Daksinamurti

    After some intense jamming, and a chance to finally take in all the beautiful eye candy, a colourful and flaming 4 metre dragon came hovering onto the dance floor, carried by 10 or so men as they danced around in circles. Heads suddenly turned from the stage and were now staring at amazing beast as it maneuvered in circles and amongst the crowd. More of the weird and wonderful started to arrive, a lady with burning hoola hoops danced away while flaming jugglers entertained the back area of the dance floor. Men on stilts appeared with UV suits and fire crackers flying out of their head. All thanks to Afrodizzyacts.

    Photo by Alice Alice Phoebe Lou – Dragon
    Photo by Alice Alice Phoebe Lou – Sparkling man
    Photo by Alice Alice Phoebe Lou – UV man

    More trips to and from the car, refills, laughs and giggles went by and soon enough it was light enough to see where we were and what a beautiful venue we were blessed with. A big round of applause must go out to the organizers for setting up such an amazingly shaded dance floor. Without it the heat would have just been way too much to handle… D_Maniac from Portugal took to the stage bright and early, being the most talked about act of the party, he sure did not fail to impress! He had an amazing stage presence with loads of energy. Just watching him made the build ups and breaks that much more intense. His music was definitely a highlight for many. At some point early in the morning a giant puppet came cruising onto the dance floor, moving more human than some people at the party! I was amazed at how naturally it danced to the music, no matter how vigorously the puppeteers shook it around. It certainly added to the morning entertainment and breakfast conversation.

    Photo by Danny Van Biene – Archway
    Photo by Alice Alice Phoebe Lou – D_Maniac
    LVstar Photography – Giant Puppet

    International acts were lined up one of the other; Anestetic was then followed Atyss; who whipped out some tech-psy, bringing something a little bit new to the table. By now the sun was really out to play, and the dance floor started to get really festive. The entire left hand side was a mud pit, full of the front-left freaks rolling around and stomping like mad, while the right catered for the not so muddy, but troopers none the less! The Commercial Hippies were on by 11:00, Opening with their classic Tricksy Remix of the SA band Lark. However, I felt that their set fell nothing short from predictable… as they seem to play their album ‘From Beyond’ every set they play, with nothing new to offer. I enjoyed their set, and their music, but was nothing exciting… I can only hope that they will soon surprise us all with something fresh next time.

    Photo by Alice Alice Phoebe Lou – Shaded Dance floor

    Midday strikes and things are heating up more than ever. The last international act from Belgium; Nemisis took to the stage, and wow did he bring it! I really really loved this guys set, especially the second half, as it seemed to have picked up a bit, dropping some deep thumpers that kept the crowd going. Last but certainly not least was Headroom, one of the many reasons I believe the party remained so full right until the end. He really knows how to please the crowd, always mixing it up and surprising us with new sounds, always a pleasure. His highly anticipated new Album release is said to be out some time early next year, and he is expected to be dropping some of his latest installments at this years Rezonance NYE Festival. He closed the party with a BANG! Even having to endure our begging for not one but 2 more tracks before the music stopped.

    We ended the weekend off at the pool for a dip and an hour chill session under a tree, re-capping all the amazing memories amongst friends, before making the long journey home. I’d like to thank Alien Safari once again for such an amazing party, all the effort and installments they made for the party, the DJs that played, all my friends that added to my experience, and of course all of you that went and added to the awesome atmosphere. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Alien Safari!


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